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If you are passionate about our work and can bring something unique to the team, please contact info@fushiongroupcorp.com.  

About Fushiongroupcorp

USfushion is a young, fast-growing technology platform that is revolutionizing the way people buy fashion. We connect millions of consumers around the world with the world's leading designer consultants, buyers and stores - providing them with simpler, more engaging and personalized shopping experiences.

USfushion was founded, headquartered in the United States, with the support of all-star investors including Accel, DFJ, Balderton and teams like LVMH, Michael Kors.

Work in Fushiongroupcorp

The USfushion system helps people discover and focus on their favorite high quality, most popular brands, ensuring that all of our users are satisfied with the whole shopping experience.

Our culture is firmly based on the fact that at USfushion, the best ideas win. Not the loudest, not the loudest.


Downtown of Houston, Texas, is 20 minutes away.

In the central business district of Pearland downtown.